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The Demise of Democracy?

The protests in London were a sure sign that our version of democracy has failed.  Our Royal Family were attacked in their own car for heaven’s sake. Now, I’m no follower of the royals, indeed generally I’ve no interest in them at all, I’m not even sure what place they have in the 21st century but they are there and they are our royal family – the people responsible for smashing the window should be put away in prison for a long, long time.

I used to think the Chinese were terrible – such an incident over there and indeed in many countries would result in a number of people being tear-gassed or worse – and I used to think “thank heavens that doesn’t happen here in civilised Britain”.

Well, clearly we’re not civilised any more – yesterdays riots proved that – we’re a bunch of badly behaved morons and should be treated as such when we act that way. I personally think the education hikes are terrible – but then I think the recession is terrible – hey, DEAL WITH IT. We’re in financial straights and I see ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why students or anyone else should be sheltered from it. I’ve spent my life working and paying taxes and had ABSOLUTELY ZILCH out of the government or the people of Britain – I owe others NOTHING and yet I’m asked for more and more taxes, if they can’t get it in pay, they get it every time you spend money. Anyone who has managed to bring themselves up from the bottom gets RIPPED no matter which way they turn – and it’s about time things changed.  But getting pissed and ripping up London is not going to help the tax-payers, is it?

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