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The Forthcoming Postal Increases

The more I think about this, the more I think we should be banging on post office doors with banners and slogans and…

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it –post office want to put up the price of stamps by a whopping 30%.   Who cares, we all use email, right?

Wrong.. think about all the cheap little goods that people buy, say on EBay every day. Small businesses working at home making jewellery perhaps might be constantly buying small quantities – I could probably sit down and come up with a list of 1000 different reasons which SMES or individuals would be sending off for stuff costing a couple of quid… I just bought a package of 20 small nuts and bolts for £1.50 for example…

EVERY one of these purchases is now going to cost more. If the seller is offering free postage they’ll have to put the price up – if they’re charging for postage, they’ll have to charge more. Not only that but if they had to buy they stuff in, in the first place, they’ll have to charge EVEN more to cover that.

The entire chain – that’s right from manufacture down to you and I the individuals, will be getting added costs – and quite often you’ll just think everyone is getting greedy whereas in fact it’ll be due to the post office.

Small companies and individuals all over the UK are smarting with this recession, our standard of living is effectively dropping by the day and the post office gets away with WELL past inflationary price increases as do other large organisations such as power companies….  WHY? Well because we’re Brits and we sit there and put up with it…  and this will continue until we finally get off our BACKSIDES and start complaining NOISILY.

But of course that won’t happen. Fuel is at a record high – last time it went this high we did… erm, nothing – this time we’re doing – erm, nothing.  What we should be doing it getting our act together, getting people to go to the cheapest suppliers and boycott the more expensive ones – but we won’t. Of course you can’t do THAT with the post office because for smaller stuff they are a monopoly just as BT are effectively a monopoly in many rural areas – and monopolies are BAD, BAD, BAD  – they just don’t work for anyone except shareholders.

Rant over, I don’t feel much better..

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