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This is the UK website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. We live in the Northeast of England and also Andalucia in Spain.

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The hole in the wall – Spain

Cave homes just outside of Galera in Spain

We set off from the rainy UK in the early hours of Monday morning for Spain and what a ride it’s been since then. We arrived in Spain lunchtime to less than exciting weather. Granted it was MUCH warmer than the UK but there was a light rain. Non-the-less we set off from Malaga airport for the long trip to the small inland town of GALERA in a rented SEAT.

A cave homeWhat could have been an otherwise quite boring ride turned into a major affair when, half an hour into the trip, as we were minding our own business on the motorway, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a truck coming up on my left. It wasn’t so much the fact that it was a truck, it was the fact that he was jack-knifing at the time – and before I could as much as turn around, the truck slammed into the side of our car HARD. Within what seemed like a second or less, we found ourselves driving up the motorway BACKWARDS.

Having taken out the rear left side of the car, our new friend proceeded to slam again onto the driver’s side – and at some point I’ve yet to determine, a Merc was involved and that hit the front. Happy to say no-one was seriously hurt but the vehicle was a write-off.

Several hours later we set of AGAIN from the Airport armed with a brand new Peugeot and we’re currently looking at cave-houses with a view to buying one as a second home! No, seriously, take a cave, dig a deep hole, line it with concrete, put a front on it and you have handy home – it’s a big thing out here and they’re really neat.

Castillo de Almondovar del RioNext…  a trip to the Mezquita in Cordoba (a temple first built in the Visigoth era) via a wonderful castle called Castillo de Almondovar del Rio and then on to Sunny Galera, a mere 100 miles northeast of Granada, at the top of a mountain, and overlooking the valley etc…. our new summer home.. and although it looks like a small house, of course most of it is buried in the hill itself, so this small house actually contains 2 bedrooms, large study, laundry room and is spread over 3 floors in total – and more importantly – it’s ours!

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