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The National unHealth

ps4 Over a month ago I made an appointment with my local doctor as I’ve an issue with arthritis – most likely due to spending too many years blowing away aliens at the keyboard. He referred me to Hexham General Hospital, with a note with a password on it.

I went to the hospital website to try to make an appointment and there were only 2 options, both on the same day, both at the end of December – that’s it  – not December at the EARLIEST, ONLY those two appointments, ever. Not good enough I thought. So, I rang up the booking people and spoke to someone. "Don’t worry" was the response – someone will come back to you within 2 weeks.

Well, 3 weeks later no-one had come back to me so today I tried the website. It’s not making ANY bookings now. Clearly that wasn’t an option so I rang the appointments line – and explained that we were now looking at a month or so since I went to the doctors and I’m still no further forward. This is obviously a private company and they blamed the hospital. So I asked who I could complain to and get some action.  I should go back to my own doctor and talk to the practice manager.

After some diversion I eventually spoke to the appointments person – and she’s going to talk to my doctor and come back to me.

This is starting to remind me of Orange……

Update January 2009 – FINALLY – an appointment this month with the NHS – stunning.

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