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The Weight of a pen?

Here’s a thing. I read somewhere that when asked the question “While standing on the moon and you were holding a pen – if you let go of the pen – what would happen to it?”

Apparently 50% of people tested got it wrong!

Were you thinking it would float? Did you then think to yourself that there is no gravity on the moon? That’s what the ones that got it wrong said! When it was pointed out that men jumping on the moon don’t float, the response was generally “they’re wearing heavy boots”.

Someone close to me said EXACTLY the same thing – now, in the scheme of things this isn’t earth-shattering but it demonstrates how BADLY western science schooling has failed us.

If you’re wondering what I’m on about… the moon’s gravity is simply less than ours – so everything is much lighter. It is lower because the moon as less mass than the Earth. The pen would drop to the ground. If it didn’t… the dust wouldn’t stay down either!!

On the one hand we’re building the James Webb telescope (see this stunning video) and on the other…

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