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Waste-of-space protesters at the Airport

The green-munching environmental protesters at Heathrow remind me so much of the anti-nuclear bunch back when I was a kid – a bunch of bored middle-class rebels who’s only achievement was to set back the progress of alternatives to coal by 20 years or more. I can’t help thinking they’re really still getting back at their parents. A bunch of silly, idealist girls and boys with nothing better to do than go off on a cause. The headlines said it all “sat and ate cakes and sandwiches” – for goodness sake – no doubt ONLY “fair-trade” cakes !!!

If they really want to reduce pollution they’d be better off holding a rally in protest against the very REAL pollution coming out by the billions of tons daily  from certain far eastern countries – or better yet, go off and do some research into stopping volcanoes erupting or cows farting!

They are not going to stop us all travelling around the world – only excessive pricing will do that… sadly those of us who’d like to go down there and give them a good punching simply don’t have the time – maybe these people don’t have jobs? I can see where Alistair McGowan might have nothing better to do but as for the rest?

Such wasted effort CANNOT make any significant difference to the environment compared to the crap that the likes of CHINA is putting out. If we TOTALLY eliminated all the damage we do to the environment (which is impossible) – the difference would not be worth a LIGHT in comparison. These protesters would be FAR better employed sitting outside of the Chinese embassy or encouraging the public to boycott cheap Chinese imports – which would also serve the dual purpose of boosting the UK economy at a time when it really needs the help! Simple economics will ensure that aircraft designers continue to push the boat out in making their planes more efficient – not a bunch of overgrown schoolkids.

One wonders if they WALKED to these protests or used some form of pollution-generating transport to get there, in their fancy hats, no doubt produced half way across the world and shipped over here at what cost to the environment.

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