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What UK? We are Screwed

In a historic, democratic vote of 17+ million brexiters against 16+ million remainers, Britain voted to leave the EU.

One could say we can’t fight it – that is democracy – but then we democratically elected the Conservatives and that hasn’t stopped labour supporters actively opposing anything the Tories so. Indeed in terms of eligible voters, well under 40% voted Brexit.

To be sure, as a (more or less) lifelong Tory supporter (editor’s note – as of 2018 that lifelong support is history as they’ve now screwed up BIG TIME), I could NEVER have supported poor, duped Boris de Pfeffel Johnson – as far as I’m concerned he and ex-education minister Gove (who bears more than a passing resemblance to Spongebob Squarepants) have made a significant contribution to our demise and now the truth is out – old Boris never stood a chance – it seems clear he was set up from day one.

It may well be that it is NOT the case that it was mostly the young who wanted to REMAIN (turns out a high proportion of our youth could not be arsed to vote) – but they are the ones who will have to bear the brunt of this aborted attempt to restore the mythical “Great” Britain – but which in fact looks set to tear what is left into Little England and the rest.

I watched as in the EU parliament that most despicable excuse for a human being, Nigel Farage stood and told the various dignitaries that they’d never had a proper job in their lives – another of his outright lies and insults – worse in some respects than the lies about 350 million because this time it was targeted personally at our allies, the people we had hoped would help us out in these sad times – in one fell swoop he will have at least temporarily put hatred for Britain into hundreds of hearts yet it was all utter BOLLOCKS as was reported later on. Many of them have held down far more relevant posts than Farage EVER has.

In one fell swoop, half of the country have hastened the destruction of the current UK government and its opposition, hastened the breakup of the UK and probably significantly helped the EU to get it’s act together (other countries are now LESS likely to want to move out of the EU than they were before the referendum – having seen what a balls we’ve made of things) and of course we won’t be benefiting from that any more.

The Prime Minister is walking away, the people in charge of this rebellion have chickened out or been thrown out, Farage has been disgraced and now walked away to get his life back having screwed outs…  and the Conservatives have rewarded Gove by kicking him out of the running. Meanwhile the love affair with Corbyn has gone so even Labour don’t have a viable leader.

By the 8th of July – this kind of reporting was not uncommon. http://www.theweek.co.uk/brexit/65461/eu-referendum-result-how-did-the-polls-get-it-so-wrong

The Scottish Nationalist Party are already talking of another referendum to split from the UK and this time they will likely succeed – whether the EU will welcome them with open arms is another matter. If they do, then England’s influence will sink further down the toilet bend. meanwhile families are breaking up and friendships are strained, such is the importance of this decision.

The dream of Europe who for centuries spent more time killing each other than not, is in tatters. London, Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to remain – but I’m ashamed to say the highest numbers for LEAVE were nearer my home in the North.

Meanwhile racist, protectionist Trump is absolutely making the best use of this – and he has no desire to do us any favours.  Putin meanwhile will be quietly enjoying watching Europe fall to pieces – we could not have done him more of a favour. The Chinese will keep quiet – they’re going to win whatever happens. The beginning of the end of the EU has begun. We may have just taken a step back toward the dark ages.

There are those who claim we’ll do deals with the Chinese and America – really? We’ve already insulted Trump so many times that is unlikely if he gets in – and why would either of these large blocs be even remotely interested in a flaccid, powerless, inward-looking England which has just cut itself off from the EU and which may soon cut itself off from the rest of it’s own Island.Trump has proven that a good part of America is racist too – maybe he’ll engineer a return to “buy American” – where will that leave us? Out in the cold?

Please be aware, any of my international friends looking in – I was one of the 49% who whole-heartedly voted STAY and of the (currently) 4+ million who have put their name to a second referendum. I share the grief of those who worked so hard to keep the EU together and the UK within it.

To those who say “I don’t do politics” – sit back and watch – but please don’t blame business as  prices start to rise – we did this ALL on our own.

Farage himself said that if BREXIT lost at 52-48 he would want another referendum.  Now that the truth is out – that people were lied to systematically, massive numbers of Brits who believe in the EU should have another say https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215 – but it will almost definitely not be enough as the numbers are now going up FAR too slowly.

For those who say “this is democracy, you lost” – this argument is rubbish and I for one will NOT accept it. At no point did anyone who filled in the referendum sign away any rights. There are minorities all over the UK who are VERY loud in defending their way of life and we fall over backwards to protect even in the face of massive opposition.. the majority of people in the UK are not gay – yet it would seem that a majority of church-goers oppose them and given a chance would not allow for example gay marriage – but we protect them from this oppression – because we believe people should be able to chose their own way of life without interference…. yet here is the greatest minority of all, an oppressed minority in numbers so massive that any kind of re-location would be absolutely impossible, who merely want to continue their lives as they’ve always done – as they’ve grown up to expect to go – as European citizens – and just over half of the country up to now have just, historically told them NO. This cannot be right, it cannot be just.

And now the EU Trade Commissioner, knowing fine well that the British are wakening to a nightmare that is not even remotely what they expected, is pushing us to make that break before we can even start to negotiate – the sadists are now coming to the fore.

MANY, MANY lies were told and retold in the build-up to the referendum.  A bit late but this is well worth a read – shame they’d not spread this more widely earlier – http://euromove.org.uk/mythbusters/

So now as we wait for the government to pick a leader amongst a pretty unimpressive shower including one of the architects of our doom, it looks likely as if it will be one of the ladies. The choice seems to be between one who will not guarantee the freedom of Europeans in Britain (which means they won’t do the same for those of us who spend our time overseas) or someone who has almost zero persona and does not even look REMOTELY like a “Prime Minister”.

Meanwhile the pound drops, interest savings rates drop (penalising the poor as much as the rich) – not a good time to be “British” really.

One Response to “What UK? We are Screwed”

  • Oliver:


    It was 17,410,742 for leave and 16,141,241 for remain.

    I could hardly believe it. My hope that there might be at least one good that comes of it and that is, that the EU apparatus gets a good jolt. Maybe we’ll finally see more of a EU democracy than just a mediocre working group.

    Cheers Oliver

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