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Would you trust this government with a handbag?

When identity cards first came to the attention of the public, many folk were concerned about more centralized information being in the hands of our government – and now the validity of such concerns is clear to all : 25 million records including financial details, routinely transferred, unencrypted, by junior officials onto everyday CDs and put in the post, unregistered, unprotected except for passwords that schoolkids could break.

It almost sounds like an April fool’s joke, it’s that inconceivable – except that this isn’t April and it’s no joke. THIS is why we should never trust the the nanny state. If the people of Britain don’t treat this disaster as a major wakeup call then heaven help us. Right now for all we know, this data could right now be in the hands of criminals.

Mr Brown – “profound regret” simply isn’t good enough!

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