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This is the UK website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. We live in the Northeast of England and also Andalucia in Spain.

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A Grim Winter’s Morning

The view from the dining room at the Number OneGenerally speaking I tend to be enthusiastic about life… not today… it’s cold and miserable outside… I started the day getting up half an hour late, breakfast at the Number One in Blackpool – which I have to say is very nice.. he does a mean bacon sandwich… and off to FSB headquarters.. only to find that our servers are still down. Yesterday the data centre had a power outage which took out our email and web… most of the stuff was quickly restored but the website remains stubbornly dead despite engineers being out there from first thing this morning.

I’d not quite grasped just how dependant many of the jobs I do are on that stuff working and so I’m reduced to watching emails trickle in and hoping one of them is a note to say the site is back up and running. What’s frustrating is that I don’t even know who to get annoyed with until we get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile I’ve all but given up trying to get some public sector support to help market a new venture we’re doing.. local government officials appear to be more concerned about scraping in as much money as they can from the private sector to “promote the Northeast” than actually help businesses. Mind you they’ve never been that keen. Seems to have escaped their attention that successful private industry is what actually makes the public sector possible.. but I digress… I’ve an important meeting tomorrow with my small committee – made even smaller by one of them giving up the organisation and the other being rushed off to hospital…   it seems this week is just doomed…

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