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Almost 2m British children have no home internet access

Yes, that IS the headline figure that’s being bandied around right now.. but I’m having a lot of trouble with the way this is being handled. “The department of Education has so far not commented” – why the hell SHOULD THEY comment?

A computer costs money – it’s not an essential like FOOD or clothing. I wonder how many of the 2 million parents and kids who have no computer, ACTUALLY chose to spend their money on an X-BOX or a WII or some useless plastic Chinese JUNK?  Are the people who’re badgering the Department of Education actually suggesting that WE (i.e. the taxpayers) should sort this out? Because if so I think we should be polling those parents and kids to see if they’re prepared to forego the other entertainment before ONCE AGAIN the taxpayer coughs up.

Almost every child in the western WORLD can gain access to a computer, be it at the local library or at a friends (unless the 2 million all live in the same town!) or at a million other places. If they and their parents choose to spend their money elsewhere, should we be worried? It seems more and more these days that everyone is responsible for kids except the parents!

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