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Donate an Organ

tmpD25BWhy, you may well ask am I making this request? Well, I got up early this morning and I was reading the BBC news. I noticed that something like 29% of people have actually signed up for organ donation whereas in surveys, 60% feel they should donate organs. Meanwhile there are queues of people waiting for organs.

Why the big gap? Presumably because the organ donation people don’t get the address of their form around enough, we’re all too busy and somehow, getting around to filling in the simple form escapes most of us – I know that’s how it was for me until today. I also noticed that although they have lots of print campaigns they’ve forgotten to provide people with images for their websites – to help promote organ donation.

Surely, unless you have some weird religious reason not to donate (and one might even ask if that applies in the 21st century where we CAN SAVE LIVES if organs are made available) there can be no reason, in a country where there are long waiting lists of people dying through lack of available transplants, why anyone would want to die and let their valuable parts turn into dust when they could be helping someone else?

Ok, so here’s the link for the organ donor form.

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