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Have you had an accident recently? It’s always SOMEONE’s fault…. isn’t it?

Have you had an accident recently that wasn’t your fault? Well, why not contact the national accident helpline – and they’ll help you sue the pants off some company even though it probably wasn’t their fault either.

Am I alone in being incensed by the ad showing the guy falling off the ladder?

“I was given the wrong ladder” says our witless chap. I wonder if someone had given him a knife and told him to go cut his wrists if he’d have just gone and done it.

Here’s my solution to the problem – take all the firms of solicitors who offer these services – put them up against a wall – and shoot them. Then we can all get on with our lives in harmony instead of being told every day that we should be grabbing whatever we can whenever we hurt ourselves.

Between endless daytime cartoons which teach that the solution to problems is to kill someone or something – and these guys – the next generation doesn’t stand a hope.

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