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Injury Leeches for You

I’m going to stop watching TV – try as I might I just can’t escape the adverts… normally we record everything specifically to watch at a convenient time and so we can skip over the increasingly childish ads on British TV.  Ok, there is some merit in the “compare the Meercat” ads – but as for the tenor on “Go Compare” – I’d like to shoot him where he stands.  Talking of shooting, is it just me or do others find the increasing number of accident lawyer ads INCREDIBLY annoying?

“Had an accident recently? Made a complete ass of yourself and feel the need to SUE someone and ruin their life? Come to Urchins-r-us and we’ll take them to court for free”.  I just find the whole thing so annoying as they’re pitting man against man, woman against woman. Ok so insurance companies have to shell out, not people, right? Wrong – all that happens is everyone’s premiums go up – and so prices go up. People don’t NEED an excuse to be nasty to each other and yet these leeches are out there advertising during the day when kids are watching. So we’ve a generation growing up thinking there’s no such thing as an accident as WELL as thinking the state owes them a favour! A typical example is ad with the moron who’s gotten up the wrong ladder at work.  Ask yourself… this is what he does for a job and he doesn’t have the brain power to know when someone has given him the wrong ladder? How about personal responsibility? You can be damn sure if I used a dangerous tool at work I’d make it my business to know if it was the right tool for the job.

Don’t even START me on “we sell any car….dot com”….

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