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The Zoo that Believes in Noah’s Ark

I’ve always been a great believer in freedom of the individual – however that freedom stops when it adversely affects another – and in this case when it leads to brainwashing of our children.

For reasons far beyond the ken of any rational person, the government have awarded a “kitemark” to “Noahs Ark Zoo Farm” in Wraxall, near Bristol.

School-children who have been conditioned already to accept the word of adults as gospel (and who are predisposed to do that anyway) are “free to go to an area where posters and charts advance it’s religious beliefs”… all of which would be fine but we’re talking school outings here with susceptible children!

Can you imagine British children in the 21st century being exposed to crap like this….

  • “The story of Noah’s Ark is supported by science”
  • “Humans are not descended from apes – there are too many differences”
  • “Consciousness is not a property of matter”

If consciousness is not a property of matter, then the scans that clearly show physical brain activity when thinking and the vast amounts of research that’s beginning to explain how this all works is all just a pipedream, then? Any sane adult would take this rubbish on the chin as they would TV sex and violence – but school-trips of children!!

While companies are free to peddle whatever they like as long as it is not illegal, we need a specific memo from the government, banning school outings and preventing children from being exposed to this rubbish until they are old enough and wise enough to put this nonsense into perspective – i.e. the blind ignorance of the uneducated.

America despite it’s supposed separation of church and state is in terrible difficulty thanks to the indoctrination of it’s children, with 50% believing in imaginary friends – as for the middle east – well, they’re simply totally lost in their own blind ignorance… we must NOT allow the great strides we’ve made in Britain in educating children to think for themselves to fall prey to this and similar nonsense.

That kitemark has to GO.

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