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Twin Towers Ship – Defender of Freedom or a Folly?

I’ve a real problem with this.. they’ve taken the steel from the Twin Towers attack – and made a ship. Ok. personally I think the Americans should have built the world’s largest EVER building in it’s place – but maybe they’ve already lost that battle….   and so now it’s a ship instead.

And what happens if some enemy blows up that ship?  This looks to me like a fairly normal affair, surely it should have been the most advanced ship in the world to make SURE that such an attack could never happen? Terrorists (I should clarify that … religious nuts) have proven that America is not invincible.. .or at least had a first stab at it. SURELY if any symbol is to replace the twin towers, some special effort should be made to ensure they can’t repeat (with devastating results for western moral) such action?

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